Beer (Need I say more?)

IMG_5797It was only about an hours’ drive on the morning of August 30th so it didn’t take me any time whatsoever to arrive at my hostel nestled in the East Devon Area of Natural Beauty and the charming and absolutely gorgeous fishing village of Beer!

driving map

The charming hostel snuggled up on the hillside overlooking the town was (as usual) very conveniently located and quite inviting. I was a bit early for checking in, however, so I stowed my refrigerator items in the self-catering kitchen, headed down to the village below and got right to the task of exploring this fascinating little hamlet.

The place was pristine and every lane was adorned with beautiful examples of architecture made out of the local stone – chalk, flint, chert & sand. I worked my way down the winding streets and marvelled at how ingenious they were to incorporate the stream flowing downhill into the landscape serving as a handy watering hole for dogs as they wandered with their owners all the while adding its own rustic charm to the sidewalk

The shops were delightful to peer into with all manner of wonderful and artful items, but it was the architecture and the variety of buildings that really caught my attention. The wonderful thatched roofs for example.

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The numerous stone buildings of every ilk glowing in their respective hues of the rock they were built of or the tidiness of mortar and paint coupled together to create a piece of art just fascinated me.

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IMG_5820About halfway down the main street, I came upon this beautiful church and it beckoned me to peek inside.

IMG_5823Its interior was light and airy, the feeling of spring and hope emanating from every corner with its pink marble columns, honey-coloured pews and woodwork, and beautiful decorations adorning the walls.

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The church’s porch, lawns and garden beds were all ablaze with glorious blossoms.

Naturally, one would guess there might be an establishment (or two, or three) that specialized in beer, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. You can even “Have a Beer in Beer, from the Barrel of Beer!” (Try saying that real fast 3 times!)

At the bottom of the hill, the road ended at the pebbly beach below with all the fishing boats and gear, swimming areas, cliffs and vistas to die for.

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All of this wonderful scenery and fishing gear in abundance! I just had to stop at the local fish market at the landing and pick up something yummy for dinner tonight. How about some fresh scallops and pulled crab?IMG_5798

I took a different route on the way back up the hill to the hostel to put my dinner in the fridge. Along the way, I passed these tidy little fisherman cottages lined up in a row with respective gardens across from each one on the other side of the street.

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IMG_5860Just a mile away was the town of Seaton. The town itself wasn’t much to write home about but I sure enjoyed a nice stroll along the promenade.

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IMG_5865A bit further east of Seaton the Axe River flows into the sea at Axe Yacht Club. I loved the way the currents of the river and ocean combined swirled the rounded rocks into a fascinating formation. Kind of reminded me of a seahorse.

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IMG_5880Working my way from the bottom of the Haven Cliffs to the yacht club, I met this beautiful collie who just loved having to find the rock his owner just threw! Isn’t he just a stunning animal?

IMG_5878IMG_5887Having worked up quite an appetite I made my way back to the hostel and prepared that wonderful fresh seafood so patiently waiting for me. What a scrumptious meal that was!

After dinner, I couldn’t resist one more trip down to the waters edge for a little contemplation and relaxation.IMG_5889IMG_5890Another perfect day to be thankful for, filled with beautiful ocean vistas, scrumptious bounty from the sea, outstanding examples of stone architecture and beautiful blossoms everywhere. I could easily spend a few days in this lovely nook.

Early the next morning I packed up my belongings, however, and headed out with the rising of the sun. Before leaving this beautiful area, I wanted to explore another little cove just a couple of miles west which I had learned about from some fellow travellers staying at the hostel. From the way they described it, I definitely didn’t want to miss seeing it.

It was tucked down a narrow canyon that twisted and turned on a one-track road and at the bottom, this treasure, Branscombe, appeared.IMG_5900


The loop trail into the canyon looked very intriguing and promised to provide some beautiful gems as far as geology was concerned. I’ll definitely return to this place and plan on spending a lot more time doing so!  There was even this adorable thatched roof building right on the beach that I’m sure has quite a menu of wonderful delights to enjoy after walking in the stunning surrounding acres with gorgeous views…ahhhh….I am definitely to return another time.

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It was time to hit the road once again though since I had quite a few miles to cover that day. That’s the last stop in England and what a beauty it was. Next, I headed to Wales to explore that mythical land for the next 9 days. Oh boy! We’re in for a real treat!

Until next time…

Speaking of which, I won’t be writing another post for at least a couple of weeks. I’ve been home now back in Oregon for over a month and trying to get caught up with the blog posts sharing my stories of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen and experienced.

That itch to head down the road doesn’t take me long to want to scratch, however, so I’m off again! I’m headed down through the length of California to La Jolla Shores, getting to visit friends and lots of family members along the way; cousins, sisters, aunts & uncles – the whole gang – and before the weather turns sour and the holidays are a mad rush!

But I’ll be back, you can count on that, armed with many more exciting and fun travel stories to share. Until then… happy trails!

Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

One thought on “Beer (Need I say more?)”

  1. Yet another fascinating Post. Thanks for posting and sharing those treats of the so very pretty Beer. So informative and great photos. Enjoy your diversionary travels in California GTGG. As always, so looking forward to your next post. Keep them coming.


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