Balmoral Castle – a Deeside Royal Residence

Saturday, July 15th, a perfect day to visit a perfect castle, and a Royal one at that…

IMG_2289 - Copy

The gates beckoned us to enter and soon we were arriving at what used to be the Stables to begin our tour.

We were given an audio tour device and off we went to see what they had in store for us.











First stop, the Stables, where stalls housed old cars and memorabilia were on display from days past.


My cousin Lindsay’s mother-in-law was born on this estate. Her family were butchers and supplied the royal family with cuts of meat. The car below, which belonged to them, was one of the first vehicles we saw.IMG_2303IMG_2302IMG_2304


In addition to the photographs, vehicles and beautiful kilts, they also some very nice specimens of the types of wildlife common to the local woodlands: Red Deer, Fox, Wildcats, Grouse, Peregrine Falcons, Red Squirrel, Capercaillie, etc.









There was also this display with beautiful Royal Commemorative China plates, cups, etc.


At left, is the building where they brought the deer they had hunted on the estate for hanging and curing purposes.

According to the tour we walk through the woodlands down the path to the next stop.









Oh, look, now we’ve come to the gardens!  ‘Yeah! What wonderful surprises lay ahead,’ I wonder!



Such fertile ground and everything is growing so prolifically!  Wish my garden looked like this!  Course it might, if I had a full-time staff of gardeners at hand like they do!  Salads – yum – fit for a Queen!


Wonder what this interesting plant below is! Sure is pretty…









Flowers and vegies everywhere!









Come around the corner of the garden, and, Voila!


Balmoral Castle in all its beautiful glory!


A bit further along the path and there is the cottage, which used to be the gardener’s house until it was needed for Queen Victoria’s Lady in Waiting who was suffering from Scarlet Fever and needed quarantined.  Later, Queen Victoria enjoyed taking her breakfasts along the veranda and spending many an hour in its folds…


Although we weren’t allowed to tour inside, they graciously left the curtains open on most of the rooms so we could have a peek inside…

Behind the cottage, Prince Albert created this aquatic pond in the woodland setting…


Strolling along the designated audio tour route, we begin to make our approach to the castle itself.



Inching ever and ever closer to view its magnificence in minute detail!



The Betty Prior roses have always graced the west wing’s windows…


The view from the west wing windows, one that Queen Victoria delighted in looking at…



Now, down the rock path around the corner along the stone path lined with herbs and flowers embedded in the cracks, we make our way to the Grand Ballroom – the one room of the castle we get to go in and look at!

Below is the wallpaper on the wall opposite the entryway into the ballroom and unfortunately the only picture I could take before entering.


Once outside again, we worked our way around the corner of the castle and made our way back toward the Stables where our tour began. Positioned quite conveniently, there was the Tea Room with all manner of wonderful treats and refreshments to refresh ourselves with.








I chose a delicious tomato soup.

While Lindsay was quite happy with his Latte…


We enjoyed our break, as did others, and before we headed back through the woodlands to look at the rest of the castle from the east side…

…we were pleasantly surprised to find a Birds of Prey demonstration just around the corner from the Tea Room where we actually got to put on a falconer’s glove, perch the birds on our hands and pet them!  What a cool experience was that!  They all loved being petted.  It was something else!






Now, back to the castle for the finale…







It was a delightful day touring the grounds of this castle and viewing the royal memorabilia in the ballroom.  The added plus of getting up close and personal with the beautiful and majestic birds of prey was an added plus.  If you like visiting castles, be sure to add this one to your list!

Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

One thought on “Balmoral Castle – a Deeside Royal Residence”

  1. Lovely Claudia! Thanks for giving us the grand tour! Wowzers!loved the gardens! The castle structure was amazing. I would have picked the tomato soup too! My favorite! I saw the peas! It’s going to be in the mid 90’s for a week, those peas would be be all dried up here for sure! Keep on truckin’😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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