Travel Plans for the New Year – 2017

It’s cold and snowy in Southern Oregon and what better excuse for staying cozy indoors and dreaming up travel plans for the upcoming season!  Since my last post, (which stirred up my travel itches), I’ve been exploring the possibilities for this year and been having a grand time of it.  Although, I’ve been working on this dream since I left Aberdeen in October, it’s only taken me the last couple of days to finalize some crucial details and put my dream into action!

Some of the final details I speak of include searching the web for available  flights using my United Award Miles.  One can really find some sweet deals for low prices if one starts searching early!  This early bird found a super deal!

Where am I headed you ask?  Well let me tell ya!

As you are well aware, I love visiting Ireland and the United Kingdom and so I am going to take one more trip back to see and experience areas I haven’t visited and revisit some that I have visited in the past.

I’ll be flying into Dublin this time working my way north toward Northern Ireland. img_6488

I’ll spend a nice chunk of time there with all my Frew peeps, like Deirdre, before heading over to Scotland again.



Perhaps we’ll get to explore some more interesting and scenic sights around the Antrim Coast like Dark Hedges, Slemish Mountain and Raithlin Island for instance!

In Scotland I’ll work my way up to Scotland’s northern border at the tip of the Highlands and jump over by ferry to visit the Orkney Islands.


Hopefully my good buddy Pat will join me and we’ll have a chance to finish driving the British 500 route that we started last year!



On the way to the Orkney Islands I’ll get my chance to explore Loch Lomond, Oban, Isle of Iona and the Isle of Skye thoroughly.







After returning to Inverness with Pat,  I’ll make a bee-line over to Aberdeen where I’ll spend another nice big chunk of time with my cousin Lindsay and his family before heading south to Dundee and Edinburgh.

Hopefully I’ll have more opportunities to volunteer in the churchyards once again too while I’m in Aberdeen and  be able to meet up with those new friends as well! They are a fun group .

I really enjoyed visiting small hamlets and villages when I visited England two years ago, so I also plan to head south from Scotland to its southern coast to visit places like Canterbury and Dover for instance.



I’ll travel west along that beautiful and scenic coastline visiting Brighton, South Hampton and various other small villages along the way. I’ll go over to and through Cornwall once again and finish up in Wales before my return to Dublin to fly home.


In addition to that mix of wonderful places throughout Ireland, and the UK, I have also managed to squeeze in time to fly from Dublin over to Amsterdam as well for a couple of weeks to see the beautiful spring blossoms I’ve always dreamed about and to do a bit of ancestral sleuthing while I’m in the vicinity of where my Dutch German ancestors emigrated from.

I’ve allowed four months to do all of this exploring and it should prove to be a simply wonderful adventure.  It just might be my last trip to the UK and I want to make it super memorable and see so many places I haven’t visited before.

If that weren’t enough, I have yet one more little trip I’m going to take too.  Something a lot closer to home.  Before I fly off to Dublin, however, I do have some plans that are very special indeed.  I started a tradition in my immediate family years ago when my kids were little. Whenever one of them reached the age of 5, I made it a tradition to take that particular child to Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom all by themselves down in Southern California. With 3 kids and 3 grand kids, I’ve had a few trips like this.

My great grand daughter, Alaska, turns 5 this year!  Her birthday is in July (I’ll be in Scotland at that time) so before I go, I’m going to take her in late April to celebrate in advance!  What fun we’ll have together!  I love going to Disneyland for the day with a little kid, allowing myself to be a kid again with them and just play-play-play the day away in such a fun and entertaining environment!  It’ll be fun, fun, fun!

Who knows when I’ll get the opportunity to go back to Disneyland ever again.  Live in the moment and be in the present, I say.  No time like the present to live life to its fullest – and living life to its fullest equates to Travel with a capital T for me!