It’s Been a Great Year for Traveling

It’s New Year’s Eve and for the last week or so since Christmas, I’ve been gathering and organizing all the photos I’ve taken on my travels throughout the year.  There are quite a few, as you might imagine, and therefore, has taken me a few days to accomplish.  During the process I have thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the many places my travels have taken me to; place I’ve shared with you on this blog.  Man!  I’ve done a lot of traveling to some mighty interesting and scenic places and had a whole lot of fun all the while!

First there was Paris with my friends, Maria, Jack & Debbie and Cheryl enjoying its splendor of beauty, art, food and history!

Upon my return my youngest daughter, Emily, and I visited Fern Canyon on the northern California coast and the scenic beaches along the way to celebrate her birthday in May…

Followed by a trip north to a wonderful garden and butterflies on Vancouver Island in British Columbia…

Next I headed out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to visit my son when he proposed to his now fiance, Amy, in the tropical paradise on the island of Oahu in Hawaii!

After lounging around and enjoying the kicked-back atmosphere of the islands, I had a bit of work to do which involved a much shorter route to take.  I bought a new house and moved all my belongings to a new place just down the road…then made some apple-pear butter from my new fruit trees, and managed to take a nice ride along the Rogue River to enjoy lunch at Galice Resort with my best friend, Cyndy before packing up my bags once again to…

head back to Scotland and Ireland for a couple of months visiting friends and family, making new friends, exploring castles, gardens and anything else I can find while I spent the rest of the summer until the frost starting biting the pumpkins on Halloween!

As if that wasn’t enough, upon my return, my long time friend, Tracie and I took a trip to the Redwood forest and southern Oregon coast in early November…

I managed to traveled a few times to the local park and the river with my great grand daughter Alaska, and my daughter Emily here and there between trips….

and to top off the year I traveled down to Central California to visit my sister Phyllis, her sons, Jacey and Dennis, and to meet my new great nephew, Montez and great niece, Vera!

What a great traveling year it’s been and have made some absolutely wonderful memories in the process!  Wonder what is in store for the New Year of 2017?  Well, that’s another post to follow soon!  Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you get to travel as well and make some memories of your own; if not I’m more than happy to share mine with you!  Thank you for all your great comments, interest and support as you follow my travels on this blog.  I love having you along virtually to share with.  Until the next time…bon voyage 2016 – here comes a new adventure just around the corner!

Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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