Cairn ‘O Mount (Success at Last!)

Yesterday morning, when I asked Lindsay, “Fit Like?” (how ya doing?)

He answered, “Nae bad – chavin awa. Infact, it’s such a bonnie day I was thinking it might be nice to get out of the house and go for a ride; see if we can make it to Cairn ‘O Mount!”





So we headed southwest out the A93 through Banchory and Bogendreip (love that name – it conjures up a very wet and dripping bog)…


I started making some videos of the road we were traveling from about where we ran into the road closure on our first attempt…. (I apologize for the sound on the 2nd one; it was quite windy up there and we weren’t talking loud enough.  It’s not your device that is faulty.  I almost didn’t include it but decided to just the same because I thought you would enjoy looking at the view even if you can’t hear what we’re saying very well.)


and then… we finally arrived as the sun began to break through!

Afterwards I took a few ‘still’ shots of this fantastic view with my own rock sitting on top of the cairn for posterity’s  sake!


I wanted to stay there enjoying the view, but it was quite chilly so I headed back to the car and we began the descent down the other side…

Near the bottom we came to this double bridge (one low-water bridge) and another slightly higher one right next to it!  Little did I realize that this was an historical bridge until we went up to the restaurant above for a cup of coffee to warm up with.


Quite a little interesting place it turned out to be and I really liked all of the old photos hanging on the walls…and I thought we were just getting a cup of coffee!


The views down in the valley were astounding as we made our way to Fettercairn…

and beyond as we made our way further on to Stonehaven…


I really liked the way the newly sprouted green seedlings gently outlined the slopes of the brown field below…





Just before arriving at our turn to head north on the A90, we passed acres and acres of berries nestled snugly under never-ending protective huge cloches.






Along the highway in a ‘lay-by’ was this interesting historical marker about Robert Burns’ father!

Soon we were entering Stonehaven where we could enjoy a bit of the seashore.




Crickey! (pronounced cry~key) It was such a delightful wee adventure today, with spectacular views, and I thoroughly enjoyed filming it all to share with you! Hope you enjoyed it too!


Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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