Moray Burial Ground Research Group Annual Dinner



Last night, Lindsay and I drove up to Elgin to attend the annual dinner the MBGRG hosts as a final event for the season to celebrate their hard work, dedication, and teamwork in recording churchyards and cemeteries in Morayshire at the Laichmoray Hotel.

For me it was especially nice to get to see several people I had the pleasure to work alongside of during my vacation in Scotland at Keith, Edinkillie and St. Lawrence kirkyards one more time before I head home in about a weeks time.  I also had the additional pleasure of meeting many more that perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to work with when I return once again in the future.

I really want to thank these three people below in particular: Helen & Keith Mitchell, and my cousin Lindsay Robertson.  They have taught me so much about gravestones and memorials: the symbolism represented on stones, the techniques and methodologies to employ, how to cut a “pensioners” size cut of turf,  how to flour a stone and take good photographs, and in addition to all of that have opened their home to me for a place to lay my weary head at the end of a day of digging in the ‘clarty dubs,’ made me sack lunches, and have welcomed me so heartwarmingly into their lives, their homes and their passions.

Helen is the Field Work Coordinator, Keith is the Chairman and Lindsay is the Webmaster. They each put an incredible amount of time, energy and dedication into the passion they share; preserving and recording historical ancestral records for future generations worldwide.  I feel so honored and proud to be a member of this group and be counted as one of their own.  Thank you!


I made new friends last night too – wonderful ladies like Karen and Margaret.


Then there was Rosie, Morag and the happy couple – Irene (Treasurer) and her husband Gordon.img_2348




Followed by Stephen, Gail and Ali having too much fun in the corner!




Ruth (Secretary & Fundraiser)

and Michael and Mary Evans (Genealogist)


We enjoyed great conversation, lots of laughs, a raffle drawing, a wonderful meal and scrumptious desserts together.

img_2355  img_2345








img_2357These folks completed and have been recording approximately 10 churchyards this season and will soon have their results and hard work published and available online and in printed form to people who are searching for their ancestors’ gravestones worldwide.

That’s a monumental accomplishment! They all do it out of the goodness of their hearts and because they are such dedicated volunteers.

The three hours we spent together just zoomed by and before I knew it, a grand evening with such interesting people came to a close and we were headed outside to the car park to depart.

Yet, I know I will return once again in the future and have the opportunity of working alongside them.  I look forward to that and am grateful to count them as friends in my ancestral home of Scotland.




Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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