On Tuesday, October 11th, Pat, Ian & I had glorious weather once again so we all got in the car again and drove to the West Coast again to the pretty fishing village of Ullapool taking a little detour to Letters on our way.


Like the two days previous, the weather was gorgeous and the Lochs and hillsides offered up more wonderful views and vistas to enjoy.



Just before reaching Ullapool, we turned left off the main road through this wonderful ‘tree tunnel’ and drove along the south side of Loch Broom offering beautiful scenery looking across the Loch toward Ullapool.

Like so many of these one-track roads, the sheep were plentiful and had full range of the countryside, except this time there was even a caution sign complete with complimentary sheep!  Gotta love it!  They just stood there, waiting in the passing place and alongside of the road wondering when the heck this driver was going to actually pass. (Love the sheep with their tails in tack!)

This side of Loch Broom had ‘holiday’ homes dotted all along the way, and Pat just drooled at the prospects.  The one with the red roof was listed for sale.  (I looked it up at Ullapool on the For Sale board, and it was only £260,000 (approximately $330,000). Nice vacation home or B&B, ‘eh?

I could live with these views!





Finally we arrived in the fishing village of Ullapool…



It boasts a major fishing pier and a ferry which sails twice a day at this dock headed to Stornaway on the Harris Isles further west.



The village was absolutely lovely with little shops all along the main street, lots of boats and very friendly people.

I particularly liked the shape of the ferry building, shaped like a wave…very appropo!

The three of us really enjoyed a nice lunch at the Ceilidh place and it’s lovely decor and setting. Lots of events are held here; poetry readings, dancing, music, etc.  Ceilidh means a ‘gathering place where people get together and have a party.’

Everything so ‘tidy’ clean and nice…



Tidy and nice; that’s the Scottish way.

Even the restrooms had cloth hand towels to dry your hands off on.  Those aren’t paper towels in the corner; they’re like wash clothes that you put in the hamper under the sink for laundering.

After lunch we wandered down the blockfullsizerender-61 and visited the Ullapool Museum.

It was filled with so many wonderful artifacts and interesting items, depicting life in this area and its rich history.

Beautifully hand-crafted to scale models of boats and ships, croft items,  peat collecting and processing tools, and exquisite hand-stitched needlework items.

This church turned heritage center was (as usual) absolutely fascinating and filled with items from days past that our ancestors would have used.

See for yourself below….

Below was a very interesting historical passage on the ship “Hector” in 1773 which sailed from Ullapool to Nova Scotia (New Scotland).


We thoroughly enjoyed a simply wonderful day in the fishing village of Ullapool.  You might enjoy it too!  Try it sometime; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.fullsizerender-97


Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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