“Step Toes” Never-ending Yard Sale, Montrose & Historic St. Cyrus Lifeboat Station

mapMonday morning, September 26th, Lindsay had a wonderful plan to visit Cairn O’ Mount, with its beautiful panoramic views all the way to the ocean.

However, Mother Nature had other ideas, as a big dark cloud was hanging over our destination.


With optimism we continued onward, and made our first stop just outside Crathes Castle at Milton of Crathes.

It had an historic train station, The Royal Deeside Railway, with some “proper” rail cars.

The Milton includes buildings which used to be a mill but are now converted to a restaurant, gift shop and art gallery, to name a few, along with a nice little pathway following a burn (creek) down to the River Dee.


It’s kind of difficult to see, because of the wire fencing around it, but there is even an old wooden waterwheel at the end of the canal, which is still operational and generates power.

Just after we drove off, we heard the train whistle blow and I was able to capture this quick video of the train passing by…

We drove through the woods up toward Cairn O’Mount, but we encountered a road maintenance crew near the top and weren’t actually able to drive all the way up to our destination.  Dang!

Here are some photos I ‘nicked’ off of Google, to show what we would have seen IF we had actually arrived.  With the dark cloud hanging over us that day we probably wouldn’t have this good of a view anyway!

We turned around and retraced our steps as far as Strachan (pronounced Stran), and followed this route instead to Montrose, via Stonehaven, where we enjoyed our picnic lunch by the beach.


I had been making videos while we drove through the woods and ended up using all the space available on my camera!  I spent the entire drive down to Montrose deleting as many files as I possibly could.  Finally, when we arrived in the town of Montrose I could resume taking pictures, thank goodness!

Welcome to beautiful downtown Montrose…

We drove through town and down to the harbor…

Along the way we ran across a rather unique gravestone for a rather unique naval WW II hero!

As we started to head back to Aberdeen along the coast, we crossed the bridge at the North Esk river…

Lindsay turned right again toward the ocean driving along the dunes where a nature reserve is and an old Lifeboat Station.


As the welcome sign stated, this Visitor Centre is in a former lifeboat shed.  There were some very interesting displays about the lifeboats in years past and the method that locals used to trap salmon.



This place was really quite interesting and I found the way the fishermen worked in times past very innovative and clever.

We got back in the car and started driving back to the coast road, but Lindsay had one more place he wanted me to see.


I couldn’t believe this place!  It was an absolute “Picker’s Paradise!”  There were so many buildings, including semi-truck trailers, packed to the hilt!  Every square inch of ground outside was also full of “stuff.”



Row after row, after row, after row…

This building could have held a couple of airplanes easily but instead was jam-packed (literally) with furniture, paintings, old phonograph records – you name it; they had it – everything under the sun and then some!

Outside it was the same thing…stuff everywhere you turn!  We must have browsed around the various parts of the yard and buildings for a good hour or so before we had been in each section.  It was amazing!  I don’t know how that guy keeps track of where anything is but if you ask him if he has “such ‘n such” he will take you right to it!  Incredible! I couldn’t believe a lot of the stuff that was sitting outside in the elements; china, silver, collecting water and growing moss!


Before getting back on the coast road and heading north back to Aberdeen at the end of the day I even got to see some of my favorite creatures – “Hairy Coos!”  Aren’t they just so darned cute? The perfect ending to a perfect day, although our best laid plans went awry! Sometimes you get what you get, and that’s just dandy! It couldn’t get any better!



Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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