Solway Coast & Sweetheart Abbey

Threaves Garden and Estate was a joy to visit and I was ready for a nice drive through some more countryside.  I took the tour of the Solway Coast, with anticipation of visiting Sweetheart Abbey at the end.


One particular stop was quite breathtaking; the beach at Sandy Hills.


Another stunning viewpoint was to be found at Drumburn…



I zoomed in on Wardlaw Wood, the site of Celtic iron age and nearby Roman forts.  That wood intrigues me.  That would be a nice place to spend some time exploring on a future trip.



You see how it works; I visit one place as intended and as I go exploring I discover oh-so-many other places along the way that I don’t have time to visit on this current trip.

However, I just tuck it away for future reference for yet another trip back to this wonderful place I love.




Back on the road, I’m sticking to my plan for the day to finish up the day visiting an ancient Abbey – our next stop!


This village really was as pretty as a picture and deserves a whole lot more attention than I had time to devote.  It was getting late in the day and I could feel my tummy grumbling. Didn’t want to spoil my dinner though and eat anything consequential, because I knew there were some fresh scallops waiting for me back at the Thistle Inn this evening… but that’s another story to follow shortly!


Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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