Crossmichael & Threaves Garden

On the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 21st, I visited the Crossmichael Parish church.  “Built in 1751, it is a commanding presence in this small village.  The distinctive rare round bell tower was part of the former church (1611), while the earliest grave dates to 1547.”  What a fascinating and historical church and churchyard! The village name comes from Cross of St. Michael, the patron saint of the original church in 1164.

“Government soldiers massacred many men and women without trial, during “The Killing Times” 1684/85. One victim was William Graham, shot dead while surrendering.  His grave can be found in the churchyard. His brother James was executed at Grass Market in Edinburgh.”  Read more about this church’s history in the picture below…

After wandering about the churchyard and admiring the unusual graves, I enjoyed the views of Loch Ken (such a peaceful scene, and a refuge for wildlife as well as water sporting activities) before heading to the Threaves Garden & Estate in Castle Douglas.


Just a few short miles down the road I soon found myself at the entrance to a magnificent garden to thoroughly immerse myself in.


No matter where you go, you can always count on finding a “Tea Room” where you can obtain refreshments, and often full meals!  This lovely building above, which used to be the stables for the estate, offered such fare.

Armed with a very nice Latte, I was set to start treating my eyes to the beauty of the well manicured landscapes set out before me.

This is going to be fun!  Look at what it has to offer!img_8357

Creative sculptures at every turn…


I couldn’t have said it better.  Thank you Albert!img_8266

I want to build one of these shale trees in my yard and make a fountain out of it!

The walled garden (below), let’s go in a take a peek, shall we?

img_8286 I have to admit that at first, while taking pictures of all the beautiful and unusual flowers in the glass house, I thought that this guy was a live person!  I almost asked him a question and felt so silly when I realized he was a mannequin!

img_8320Next is the “Secret Garden,”which should reveal the “sunken garden” within…


In the sunken garden this stunning statue was patiently waiting.


The house was currently being renovated and therefore closed, but it was still beautiful to observe from outside.  Can you imagine living in a place like this?


Is that a waterfall I spy at the bottom of the slope?



And finally a nice stroll through the woodlands, past the pine and the Dawn Redwoods back to the entrance.

A lovely garden with breathtaking views at every turn.  Such a nice way to spend a morning.  Next I’m off for a drive along the coast, the stunning Solway Coast and I’ll be looking for the Sweetheart Abbey.  Be still my heart!

Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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