Paris, British Columbia & Hawaii – Part One

A trio of wonderfully unique and varied destinations have been served up on my traveling agenda so far this year – Springtime in Paris  with friends in April, a nice little solo trip strolling through the world famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia during the merry month of May, and also, out in the middle of beautiful blue Pacific Ocean, I visited my skydiving son on the north shore on the Hawaiian tropical island of Oahu  in July!  Who could ask for more variety than that?!

Part One


10398999_1153046184720077_8321705333591934713_ngetting ready to climb Sacre Coeur domeFor two glorious weeks, my friends and I explored the city of love and light and were in awe of its splendor and beauty at every turn. I could’ve easily stayed longer to explore so much more.  I can now understand how so many fall in love with this place and never leave. Everywhere you turn there is something new, something bizarre, beautiful, elegant and sacred all at the same time.

Our lodging, Le Village Hostel, was situated conveniently at the base of Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre where many a famous painter has created and cavorted over the centuries – a perfect neighbourhood for variety and eclecticism.

Paris has a plethora of cathedrals and churches in every make and model. They were a delight to tour, marvel at and climb to the top of to enjoy every square inch of their rich religious heritage and history. Absolutely Divine!  Literally….

Jesus in sc

There were so many famous art museums to visit (the Louvre and Orsay for example). We were tantalized and mesmerized in the presence of countless magnificent masterpieces.

And let us not forget the heavenly french food everywhere you look!




and the street markets filled with flowers and art…

We visited houses of famous people such as Victor Hugo (my favorite author),

and an extremely decadent palace at Versailles where there were surprises and delights in no short supply…

versailles palace

ceiling painting at versailles   versailles  royal chapel

and the delightful hamlet of Marie Antoinette in the Petite Trianon


Tuileries garden2I peered into every nook and cranny of Paris that I could find discovering beauty, curiosities, unbelievable vistas and landscapes.


montmartre vineyard

People, especially children, were fun to watch and enjoy…12472773_1153070944717601_6473839894508299841_n and the brides were everywhere a bridal shootwhich lead to baby carriage at Petit Triannon



At day’s end, Paris is a must see – must do kind of place.  It is quite the experience and nothing is ever quite the same. It stays in the heart and soul – and thank goodness!12932584_1153055748052454_1161192638153779848_n

In Part Two we’ll head for my second destination – Butchart Gardens – located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada!


Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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