A Fresh New Look

I’m so excited. Last night I spent some time and energy updating (and hopefully improving) the visual layout and format of my blog. I was having so much fun playing around with new design features and the overall appearance I lost track of time (a sure sign I’m in a creative mode). When I felt satisfied with what I created and looked up to see what time it was, I realized it was 2 o’clock in the morning!

I’ve added some new features: a ‘sidebar’ for ease in seeing and accessing various posts I’ve written in the past, a search bar and easy-to-use feedback features, such as the “Leave a Comment” section.

Hopefully this new format is more appealing and helpful for you – my readers.

What do you think?  Is it more helpful and/or pleasing to your eye?  I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions – just ‘click’ on ‘Leave a comment’ and enter your thoughts and ideas.

When I first started writing this blog I admit I was a bit skeptical about whether or not it would be an activity that would actually provide some personal fulfillment or if it would just prove to be an exercise in futility and possibly turn out to be disappointing or worse – a form of drudgery.

However, the encouragement I received from my grand daughter, other family members and numerous friends to ‘just try it – you might like it’ was apparently enough impetus to help me enter into unknown (and somewhat terrifying) territory.

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a ‘writer’ per se (and yet I do enjoy telling stories). Initially, I could only think of a couple of possible ideas for topics to write about and seriously doubted I would have much to share beyond those few. I also suspected the exercise would probably prove to be short-lived, and quite frankly, difficult.

Despite my fears of inadequacy in the writing skills department, my ability to continually think of new topic ideas and the level of difficulty it would require of me, I gathered up some courage to forge ahead and give it a try as suggested.

Much to my surprise (and delight) this act of bravery indeed has not only proven (as usual) that my fears were surmountable, but in addition, proven to me that writing a blog is actually quite rewarding, and definitely a fulfilling activity I enjoy; therefore, worth my time and effort.

In reviewing my site this morning with a “fresh eye” after sleeping on it for awhile, I’ve come to the realization that although I still don’t think of myself as a highly-skilled writer – at least it’s not that bad. In fact, much to my surprise, I’ve even received a few comments about how ‘well-written’ some posts have been (a BIG thank you for those comments my friends, they go a long way in the ‘encouragement to continue’ department!)

I also realized that although I feared I wouldn’t have much to share beyond a couple of topic ideas, I’ve already posted 20 entries in a relatively short period of time!  Wow! I didn’t realize I had it in me. Finally, regarding my fear of ‘drudgery’ and the degree of difficulty, I have also discovered that that particular fear was totally unfounded. It’s not drudgery nor difficult at all; in fact, I find it quite rewarding, stimulating and that it serves as a new outlet for creativity, something I definitely enjoy – being creative.

So, I guess you’re stuck with me for awhile yet.

In gratitude for your feedback and encouragement ~ Claudia


Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

7 thoughts on “A Fresh New Look”

  1. Enjoy your posts a lot CLAUDIA. Keep doing it. It’s like journaling which is good for the soul. Don’t forget to bring a little clothesline!!!

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  2. Like the new layout. Always enjoy your blogs. Very informative and you stay on subject. Can’t wait to hear about your upcoming travel adventures and pictures always help.

    Liked by 1 person

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