The Final and Fourth Month of the Adventure – Scotland & Ireland

Let’s take another glimpse of this wonderful holiday unfolding before our very eyes – 30 glorious days in Scotland and Ireland yet to come!

After saying Au Revoir in Paris to my two traveling companions, Jack and Debbie, I will board a flight from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris bound for Aberdeen, Scotland where I will meet up with my cousin, Lindsay Robertson. This will be my 4th adventure in Scotland.  Each and every time I visit that beautiful and majestic landscape it always includes a wee bit of a visit with this fine chap!

The very first time I went to Scotland I had the pleasure of meeting him face to face.  I had the good fortune to find him online while I first began my genealogy research.  In 2005 I began my search for paternal ancestors armed with very little information.  All I knew at the time was my great grandfather’s name and the fact that he emigrated from Scotland.  Period.  Not a lot to go on!

To start my search I went online and I found several genealogy sites to try.  I was running into brick walls until I noticed on “” that there was a conversation posted about a “William Rose Frew,” my great grandfather.  This was a stroke of luck!  I looked closer and realized that the woman conversing in the posting was my very own cousin, Penny!  Penny is my 1st cousin here in the US and is the daughter of my dad’s sister, Shirley. Then I remembered what my mother had mentioned some time before; if I was serious about doing my genealogy my cousin Penny had already done some research in that department and I should check with her.

Naturally I looked closer and discovered that the person Penny was corresponding with, Lindsay, was apparently a living relative in Scotland!  Jackpot in the genealogy search!  His great grandfather, John Rose Frew, was one my great grandfather’s brothers.  I was so delighted to make this connection!  I joined right in with the conversation online and my ancestral search blossomed from that point forward.

It has taken me to so many wonderful places on this planet.  This is one of the main reasons I travel; to trace my ancestral roots and visit the places they hailed from.  That is why I create icons on my google travel map to pinpoint the towns and villages they were born in and emigrated from to America.

Doing so allows me to keep track of which relative of mine came from the place I am visiting and how they are related to me.  I also like to put interesting information about that relative in the description part of the icon.  Although I have my Frew Family Tree available to me on my iPad to get additional information if necessary, it is much easier to just refer to the google map icon information for the ‘basics.’  It is a great traveling tool.  Here’s a picture of my ancestral icons on my Scotland/England/Ireland map for 2015.


Once I placed each of the icons on the map I knew where I wanted to visit and built my itinerary based upon their locations.

This trip I have identified the places I have lodging booked and created another ‘layer’ to my map with the driving directions between each stop.

image    image

Getting back to where I left off with my early genealogy discoveries story and Lindsay….

Through I learned from Lindsay, that our great grandfathers, William Rose and John Rose Frew were born and raised in Dingwall, Scotland and came from a rather large family.  While my great grandfather and two other brothers emigrated to America and eventually settled in California and Utah, John Rose and the rest of the family stayed in Dingwall.  John Rose Frew eventually even served as Provost in the Royal Burgh of Dingwall, no less!  Lindsay had already compiled his research on our ancestral roots and was open and willing to share it all with me! I was absolutely delighted and thrilled.  It wasn’t too long after that revelation that I made my very first solo venture to what is now my favorite place on this planet – Scotland – in May 2006.

Although this will be my fourth trip to this lovely land, there are still so many more places I want to explore; including the following – which brings me back to the last leg of the itinerary.

Following is another photo collage of each of the places I will be visiting in Scotland and Ireland for the 4th and final month of the 120-day holiday.

June 20-23: Fly from Paris to visit Lindsay in Aberdeen, Scotland

Lindsay and Claudia    Lindsay and at Drum gardens

craigievar castle     

Lindsay and Simons grave     Lindsay and full scottish breakfast

Lindsay trek to Dunotter

June 24-25: Stirling – Stirling Youth Hostel

Stirling Castle, that wonderful little pub “Settle Inn” with ‘trad’ music by local musicians on Wed nights, William Wallace monument and by all means I am going to investigate the Fords of Frew!

stirling youth hostel     stirling castle


stirling3     stirling2

stirling4      stirling5

Ford of Frew      stirling6

stirling7    stirling8 stirling9

June 26: Loch Lomond – Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel

Rowardennan_lodge7     Rowardennan_lodge3

Rowardennan_lodge2     Rowardennan_lodge4       Rowardennan_lodge5     Rowardennan_lodge6

Rowardennan_lodge8       Rowardennan_lodge10

June 27-29: Oban – Oban Youth Hostel

oban     oban5

oban3     oban4


oban8      oban9


June 30: Ayr – A’Turas-Mara Guest House

A'Turas-Mara Guest House    A'Turas-Mara Guest House2

ayr     ayr2

ayr3      ayr4


July 1: Stranfaer – Old Ark House Inn

stranraer        ark


July 2: catch a ferry at Cairnryan to Larne, Ireland! 

cairn    ark1 cairn2     larne

The next leg of the journey will include my stops for Ireland and the return trip to Aberdeen.  That is full of exciting stops especially involving additional genealogy research in Belfast.  Stay tuned!

Tomorrow, I am having lunch with two friends of mine who also enjoy traveling.  Each of them is planning a trip next year; one to Vietnam, one to Italy.  They are both interested in learning how to create their own Google travel map so I have agreed to give them hands-on training while we ‘talk travel’ and enjoy a wonderful meal together.

I really enjoy helping others achieve their dreams and teaching.  Perhaps you might be interested in learning how to make a google travel map and would also benefit and enjoy having your own specialized, customized, travel itinerary at your fingertips.

I would be willing to teach you. In addition I could build one for you specifically to meet your criteria. If this interests you or someone you know, please by all means, post a comment here and we can get started on your next adventure.  Would love to hear from you!  ~ Claudia

Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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