June 1: Milan, Italy – Perio Rotto Youth Hostel

milan    milan2


milan3    milan4


June 2-5: Venice – A Venice Fish Hostel

venice  venice4

venice5June 6:  Vicenza – Ostello Vicenz Olympico

(The hostel is right across the street from the World Heritage Olympic Theatre!)

vicenz vicenza vicenza2     vicenza3 vicenza4



June 7-10: Florence – Tourist House, Santa Croce & Ostello Villa Camerata

villa    villa2

villa3      villa4

villa5      villa6

villa7     villa8

villa9     villa10

villa11      villa12

villa13      villa14





June 11: Pisa – Hostel Pisa

pisa     pisa2

pisa3      pisa4


June 12-13: Vernazza, Cinque Terre – Gianni Franzi

Rick Steve’s suggested a “splurge” on lodging in Vernazza in his guidebook. ( I’m so glad I took him up on his suggestion.  This place looks absolutely tantalizing and a great place to serve as home base while hiking the Cinque Terre coastline trails!)vernazza    vernazza2

vernazza3      vernazza4

vernazza5     vernazza7

vernazza8     vernazza10

June 14-15: Genoa – Abbey Hostelabbey   abbey2

abbey3       abbey4

abbey5      abbey6


abbey9  abbey10



Well, that covers Italy, my friends.  Oh, my goodness – I can hardly wait to actually visit these beautiful places!

Next, we’ll venture back into France (near the first timeshare I will be staying at the beginning of the trip) and will be working my way back to Paris to complete the full circuit.  From Paris, I will catch an airplane to Scotland and continue my adventure but will have to say Au Revoir to my travelling companions, Jack & Debbie.

I don’t know about you, but looking at all these places and seeing this food is making me very hungry!  I am going to take a break from my posting and fix myself something Italian for lunch!  Arrivederci!

Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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