Anticipation and Excitement

As each day passes, this trip just keeps getting better and better.  Some very dear friends, and fellow travelers, Jack and Debbie, came to visit and look at the itinerary as it was developing.  They had not seen my recent posting here on globetrekkergrandma, so I shared that with them.  Debbie is very ‘visual’ like me, and I knew showing her the pictures that were added to the itinerary for the first month would pique her interest even further.

Both she and Jack loved it and wanted to see more.  I went to the two hostel websites (Hosteling International and HostelWorld) and proceeded to show them each and every booking I had made along the route back to Paris for myself. Each of the reservations has a lovely display of the hostel’s facilities and often pictures of attractions nearby.  Jack and Debbie had already decided to join Maria and me in Paris for two weeks and spend the following two weeks on the southern coast of France with me at each of the timeshares.  I was really hoping they would want to continue on a bit further, too – at least to Amsterdam.

They made my day when they exclaimed they would go all the way to Amsterdam with me. Then they really gave me an unexpected surprise by stating they also want to do the full tour all the way back to Paris through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy with me!  This is fantastic!  That is 3 months for a trio of traveling friends doing what we like best!  What an adventure we will have together.

I promised you more pictures.  Let’s look at some and get a glimpse of more places our travels will take us to!

Apr 27 – 29: Loire Valley, Le Buisson B&B

         loiremap    loire village    

le-buisson       Le_Buisson_Amboise-Montlouis_France_30980

ambroise      loire village 2loire castle at sunset       loire castle

Apr 30 – May 2: Brittany – Pontivy Hostel

brittany 2    brittany 3 brittany 4    brittany 5 brittany    near pontivy pontivy hostel    pontivy

May 3 – 4: Mont St. Michel – Concale – Mont St. Michel Youth Hostel

img37754-Exterior-of-the-Cancale---Mont-St-Michel-Hostel-in-France       concale   mont st michel     mont st michel 3 mont st michel2     mont st michel 2

May 5: Rouen – Rouen Youth hostel

rouen     rouen 4   rouen2    rouen3rouen5    joan of arc on horse statue      joanof arc museum     Joan of Arc

May 6: Boulogne-Sur-Mer – Boulogne-Sur-Mer Youth Hostel

boulogne sur mer hostel    boulogne sur mer hostel2

boulogne sur mer     boulogne sur mer2 boulogne sur mer3     boulogne sur mer4

Well, that’s France for now… The next stop will be Belgium!

Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

2 thoughts on “Anticipation and Excitement”

    1. Thanks Deirdre. I’m really looking forward to posting pictures now through Scotland and on into your neck of the woods; Ireland! It’s really quite fun to add the pictures and have a visual peek of what the trip will bring my way; including great folks like YOU and yours again!


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