I know, I know! That sounds like a dirty word, doesn’t it?

I heard a saying years ago, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  They were talking about business, but I have found that it applies to so much more in life.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I simply love spontaneity and am quite impulsive in all reality BUT at any given time I usually have an underlying ‘plan’ to just about anything I undertake, like traveling for instance.  And if things go awry, like they sometimes will, it’s also good to be flexible and resourceful enough to resort to ‘Plan B’, if necessary.

So, how did I plan my 10 week United Kingdom dream holiday vacation?  One step at a time!

First Step:  DREAM!!!!  And while you’re at it – dream big!

The first trip I ever took by myself was to Hawaii and I hadn’t planned on going by myself initially.  I had saved up enough money to take a 10 day trip with my oldest daughter after her baby was old enough to be away from mommy for awhile and to reward her with a much deserved rest.

Just before I was going to make the reservations and buy the airline tickets something occurred which prevented her from getting to go after all. I was going to scrap the plans but she suggested I go anyway.  At first I said no, but she kept insisting that I should go since she knew how much I had been looking forward to going there.

Still I protested, proclaiming that I wouldn’t know what to do by myself, that I would be alone and therefore lonely, etc., etc., but she wasn’t buying my excuses and self induced fears.  She asked, “Why not?  You are a competent professional woman who travels for work purposes, raised a family of 3 kids pretty much by yourself, and you are outgoing and confident too!  Knowing you like I do, I bet you would have a super time!”

Her statements and encouragement helped me to think outside the box I had self-imposed and got me to thinking about the possibilities that had never occurred to me before.  My dreaming phase began and  I began to envision what that might be like. A picture in my mind began to form and quite frankly after I was willing to participate and dream I actually started to get excited about it.

Before long I made the decision to follow her advice and since I had saved enough money for 2 people for a 10 day trip now I could take that money and plan a vacation for 1 for twice as long!

That is exactly what I did!  In addition, instead of only visiting one island, Maui, I also added another; the big island as well!  This was getting more exciting by the minute!

It turned out to be one of the best trips I had ever taken.  Instead of being lonely, I felt empowered and I met so many people that I otherwise would not have paid attention to if I had been traveling with someone else.  My focus would have been on my traveling partner instead.

I only had to please myself each and everyday.  I didn’t have to try to coordinate with anyone or compromise. I just did what I wanted for once, when I wanted and IF I wanted.  I could even change my mind without disappointing anyone else.  It was glorious! I had never experienced that before as an adult.

And you know what?  I learned a lot about myself on that trip.  I learned how to enjoy my own company.  I returned home as a more confident woman, centered, refreshed and to my surprise – spiritually authentic in touch with who I am and better for it.

Allow yourself to dream. Believe it’s possible, because it is.





In the beginning…

Wanderlust has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  As a young child I would pack up my Tiny Tears baby doll, all of her clothes into her little suitcases, load them up in my red racer wagon and then hitch it up to my tricycle and pretend I was taking a trip somewhere – anywhere!

One day my dad even found me out on Route 66 on his way home from work at Edward’s Air Force base in the Mojave desert.  As he was driving he noticed a kid riding their bike on the side of the highway and remarked to himself,  “Who in their right mind would let their kid…OH MY GOD!!!!! It’s Claudia!”  As you might imagine he quickly pulled over, picked up me and my bike and promptly took me home inquiring, “Who’s day is it to watch Claudia?”  To this day, if someone in my family doesn’t know where I am my family members respond with “It’s not MY day to watch her!”

Some of the simplest things please me – seeing where the road goes is one of them.  It’s been my great luck to have had a mom and dad who loved to take Sunday drives.  I learned to read maps and pay attention to where we were going at a very young age which helped, I believe, in the development of a very trustworthy inner compass that rarely fails me.






Hello and welcome to Globetrekker Grandma!

I am an adventurous 62 year old retired American woman who would love nothing more than to spend my time traveling when I am not with my kids, grandkids and great grand daughter.

Recently I returned from a gloriously delightful 10 week solo trip to Scotland, southern England, Cornwall and Ireland; a trip I have been dreaming about for years. I also had the wonderful privilege to meet the most delightful people along the way. During our candid conversations the inevitable question would be asked of me, “Are you traveling alone?”

“Yes indeed, I am and enjoying every minute of it! I get to do what I want, when I want and IF I want!”

“Well you’re awful brave!” most would reply, “don’t you get lonely?”

I don’t get lonely; I enjoy my solitude and if at any time I desire a conversation with another there are usually any number of the most interesting people around me at any given time. All I need to do is be my friendly self and engage another human being nearby – take an interest in them, and they usually open right up. Before I know it, I have a new friend or at the very least an acquaintance.

Many of the people who asked me these questions were women with a dreamy, ‘wish I could do what you are doing’ kind of look in their eye. Through this blog it is my desire to share my experiences of international travel with others (particularly other women) and hopefully encourage others to have the courage themselves to follow their desires and travel as well. It is not only possible and very doable but what a kick in the pants experience it is to enjoy and savor.

Who knows? Perhaps I will even make a few new friends and contacts in the process, get to know other travelers like me, or find another location to travel to, I am open to all comments, suggestions and feedback.

I will first share with you the planning process I used to undertake such a long 10 week trip, my itinerary, places I stayed, etc., providing web links so you too can access these locations. I will also provide many many photos for inspiration and encouragement. It is my sincere desire to inform, educate, and inspire wanna be travelers.